Hook Books

Books that deal with hooks and/or hook making: dedicated books to the topic, but also where parts of the book covers hooks.

A history of the fish hook - Mustad

Author Hans Jørgen Hurum
Pages 148
Year 1976 (English version 1977)
ISBN-10 0876912684
ISBN-13 978-0876912683

From the earliest traces of hooks as a tool to modern day usage. It looks at different types and how they have been used and how they have been produced. A historic document for the Mustad company, but also a good resource for a look into the history.

Antique Hooks Visit Scales Hooks

Author Robert Delisle
Pages 86 + 45
Year 2014
Note Limited to 60 copies

A introduction to hooks, then pictures of antique and traditional hooks. Covers everything around hooks: tying, patterns on hooks, materials, facts (and folklore) about hooks, in addition to the many different types of hooks.

The second book covers only hooks from different producers and types. The strength of these two books are the number of hooks and types that makes this a good reference material.

Hooks for the Fly

Author William E. Schmidt
Pages 119
Year 2000
ISBN-10 081172803X
ISBN-13 978-0811728034

A good 6-page introduction to hook anatomy, followed by 109 pages of cross reference tables. Each brand section starts with all the hooks available with a cross-reference to the alternative hooks in the other brands (a good part that makes it easy to find your hook based on a favorite hook). Each hook is drawn, no pictures.

Each hook is then covered in properties like: Usage, wire, shank, eye, bend, finish, barb, point, common name, remarks and sizes available.

Covers: Daiichi, Dai-Riki, Eagle Claw, Gaelic Supreme, Gamakatsu, Hayabusa, Heritage, Kamasan, Mustad, Orvis, Owner, Partridge, Tiemco, Turrall, Variavas and VMC

Salmon Fly Hooks

Author Paul Rossman
Pages 111
Year 2014
ISBN-10 0983888922
ISBN-13 978-0983888925

A introduction to hooks and the history of hooks. First a section on Antique salmon hooks (25 pages): this covers a range of producers of antique hooks, but only shows the hooks and sizes, no other information about the prodcers themselves. The hooks are presented with great pictures.

Then follows a 4 page chapter on the making of silkworm gut and finally 55 pages on contemporary hook makers where we are introduced to them through their hooks and patterns tied on the hooks. The last 7 pages are dedicated to the hook makers' statement on hooks and why they make them.

The Hook Book

Author Dick Stewart
Pages 95
Year 1986
ISBN-10 0936644028
ISBN-13 978-0936644028

A quick introduction to hook history, past and future. Then from page 23 to 95 a selection of hooks from different producers. Covers "Common uses", "Possible substitutes" and the following properties for each hook: "Wire", "Shape", "Eye", "Finish" and "Size". The author have also measured "Shank length", "Gape", "Weight", "Wire Diameter" and "Bend resistance" for each hook. Each hook is drawn, no pictures.

The book covers Eagle Claw, Kamasan, Mustad, Partridge, Tiemco and VMC. It covers mostly the hooks from the time-period when it was written.

Books with hook sections

Books that deal with flytying/flyfishing and have information about hooks

Century End

Author Paul Ptalis
Pages 80
Year 2000
ISBN-10 1571882189
ISBN-13 978-1571882189

The first 51 pages are dedicated to classic salmon fly patterns.

The hook section from page 52 to 77 covers: A brief 2-page section on hooks, antique hooks, R.W. Reinhold, Ray Smith and Eugene Sunday. The hooks are presented with pictures on white background, often presented in many sizes, showing how a hook evolves going from small to large.

Classic Salmon Fly Patterns

Author Michael D. Radencich
Pages 352
Year 2012
ISBN-10 0811708527
ISBN-13 978-0811708524

A book covering 1700+ classic salmon patterns. Covers hook with 2 pages at the end of the book with a couple of old hook charts and one showing different types (in quite small drawings).

Nymph Fly-Tying Techniques

Author Jim Schollmeyer
Pages 126
Year 2001
ISBN-10 1571882669
ISBN-13 978-1571882660

A book on nymphs and techniques. Covers hooks over 3 pages in the introduction. Describes basic hook properties, hooks for nymphs, de-barbing and sharpening of hooks.

The North Country Fly

Author Robert L Smith
Pages 312
Year 2015
ISBN-10 1904784658
ISBN-13 978-1904784654

A book on Yorkshire's soft hackle tradition. Covers briefly hooks on 2 pages, focusing on choosing the correct hook for traditional patterns.

Tied in the Hand

Author Sven-Olov Hård
Pages 200
Year 2012
ISBN-10 1904784518
ISBN-13 978-1904784500

A book about tying traditional salmon patterns in hand, without a vice. Covers hook over only 3 pages, but have a very good selection of different hook types with clear pictures of hooks on white background.

Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies

Author Mike Valla
Pages 252
Year 2015
ISBN-10 1934753017
ISBN-13 978-1934753019

A book about tying traditional catskill-style dry flies. Covers hooks over 4 pages with history of the preferred hook as they were used in the old days, plus the modern-day equivelant.

Tying Heritage Featherwing Streamers

Author Sharon E. Wright
Pages 176
Year 2015
ISBN-10 081171358X
ISBN-13 978-0811713580

Covers hooks briefly over 3 pages, outlining how to choose hooks for classic featherwing patterns.

Tying Small Flies

Author Ed Engle
Pages 240
Year 2004
ISBN-10 0811719782
ISBN-13 978-0811719780

A book on tying small flies. Covers hooks over 10 pages with pictures of different styles, bends and hooks available in small sizes from different producers. A good section discussing the correct hook for the pattern at hand.

Tying the Classic Salmon Fly

Author Michael D. Radencich
Pages 240
Year 2004
ISBN-10 0811703312
ISBN-13 978-0811703314

Covers hooks through 24 pages in the chapter "Making Exhibition-Quality hooks" by Eugene Sunday. A chapter showing how to re-work existing hooks in a very detailed and thorough way.